221b Baker Street-London-is the house of the well-known fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. During the early years of Holmes presence at this luxury suite, his colleague, Dr. John Watson shared the rooms with him. Mrs. Hudson, the housekeepeer lives in the basement and in later stories, a young boy called billy took her place whilst she was on holiday.

A Floor Plan of Holme's accomodation at 221b Baker Street.

The Sitting Room and Holmes Room are lit by Gas, Watson's by candlelight.

The Living Room

The biggest room in 221b Baker Street, this room includes:

  • Several Desks
  • Chemistry Bench
  • Lots of Bookshelves
  • A Dinner Table
  • Several chairs, armchairs and sofas
  • Log Fire
  • Bearskin Rug

Holmes Bedroom

The famous detective's room includes:

  • A Single Bed near the centre of the room
  • Disguise Cupboard
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Several Desks
  • Pictures of Criminals
  • Safe

Watson's Room

John Watson only lived at this accomodation for a few years. His room includes:

  • Single Bed
  • Gramophone
  • Desks
  • Cupboards


This room only consists of:

  • Luxurious bath tub
  • Small Sink
  • Toilet

Mrs. Hudson's Basement

This room is not shown in any movie/film or described in a book, so it is impossible to describe it. Presumably, the room has a bed in it, a small toilet and a kitchen.